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Employer Questionnaire

Employer's Name*

Email Address*


How many Certified Nursing Assistant's/EKG or Phlebotomy Techs are you planning to hire ?*

How much is the average pay for new graduates?*

How much do you pay as a sign on bonus for new employee?*

Based on 3 months average how much do you have to pay on overtime to CNA, EKG, and Phlebotomy Tech?*

How much money does your facility spend on overtime?*

How much are you willing to pay for recruiting and advertisement at our school for the next 3 month?*

In the next 3 month, would your facility be able to hire 15 employees for CCTC to train?*

Would you like to talk to us about our new CNA online/blended class that allows the student to work at your facility while attending school?*

ONLY available for Long Term Care facilities, are you willing to work with us to send our students to receive the skills portion of the training ?*

Would you like us to provide you with more information about our available package?*

Can we advertise our school at your facility, sending a mass email about our school to your current employee , facility website, Facebook, or any other social media platform?*

Any other comments or suggestion?*

                           Our Mission

The mission of CCTC is to provide access for lifelong learning opportunities to improve quality of life for our diverse community. A variety of educational offerings to the student and academic support services help individuals achieve goals and aspirations.Strategic Goals of CCTC that are of special interest to nursing are fostering academic excellence and diversity, incorporation of technology and provision of a welcoming and supportive environment as we train our student, the most compassionate, and holistic way of taking care of patients and their families to promote the upmost dignity, comfort and independence


Our vision is to Lead the way, by helping people with the knowledge and skills needed to join health care task force.

To help us uphold to our mission, and Vision statement we would you to be of our COVID-19 healthcare employment crisis while we address the unemployment crisis.

Please complete below questions based on a 3 month forecast from April 1st, 2022

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