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Certified Nursing Assistant

Tuition for this program is $700.00  (Please note, effective 09/01/2022, student will have to pay additional $125.00 registration fee as part of our COVID-19 readjustment but tuition will remain $700) , TN Nurse Assistant Candidate Handbook, student ID for clinical facility, and Liability Insurance. Off Campus expenses vary for this program. Note student must complete State Board Exam and pay a Fee through D& S Diversified after successfully completing the program, and before expiration of two (2) years.

Phlebotomy Technician

Tuition for this program is $700.00

Other Off Campus expenses varies.

EKG Technician

Tuition for this program is $750.00

Other Off Campus expenses varies.

To assist our student in making their dreams come true, we have included the following;

* We ask you to pay only $325 to register which includes $200.00 of the tuition and $125.00 non refundable registration fee.


* We offer job placement assistance to our students.

* All CNA classes are taught by a nurse with extensive teaching experience.

* We allow our CNA students to access the school outside of scheduled class time to enhance skills.

*Students interested in financing (payment plan) option are encouraged to contact CCTC for more information.

*We are approved Training Provider by Workforce Investment Act (WIOA), Snap, Project Grand, Knoxville Leadership Foundation and others. Please call the school at 865-394-9960 for additional listing.

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